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Our second full length album is now available! Buy LVL 2 today and level up your music collection.

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Our very first album is here! Click the songs below to sample a preview of our arrangements of traditional and contemporary folk music, buy a single song that you like or download the whole album directly to your computer. CDs are available for purchase in person. To find out where Music The Gathering will be, check out the news tab or follow us on social media. 

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Welcome to the card bazaar

Click the cards below!

Music The Gathering

The Craic Show

Chaste Treasure

The Plunder Doggs


NEW! The Musical Blades


The Lady Victoria


New! The Vodca Family


This is a 2.5 x 3.5 double sided, full color trading card with medium gloss, printed on similar card-stock to that of a baseball card. The trading card comes in a protective clear plastic slip cover and is delivered with a handwritten note from the members of Music The Gathering.

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about the show


Music The Gathering is an original, interactive, and energetic folk music show. Inspired by scenario and strategy games, Music The Gathering features a band of musicians who tell fantasy stories using songs with full harmonies and multi-instrumental arrangements, complete with jokes, toasts, and riddles.  At strategic moments, band members may cast spell cards against each other, which force them to complete crazy challenges while performing the music. 

With a vast repertoire of traditional, world, and original music, the band uses their unique arrangements to bring songs to life in new and interesting ways. Each set is filled with zany characters, plot twists, improvisation, and laughs. With different games and songs in each set, each show allows the musicians and audience members to gather and create a truly unique experience together.


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Above photos by Diane M. Ellenberger

Marc Mills

The Fighter


Kevin Maphis

The Wizard


Asia Lupo

The Rogue


Katie Stevens

The Artist


Olivia Harding

The Druid

Top photo by Favorite Moments Photography 
Bottom photo by Ron Frary
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Music The Gathering features musicians Olivia Harding, Asia Lupo, Marc Mills, and (on occasion, if they're lucky) Kevin Maphis, the show's Lead Story Developer. With three years of collaboration under their belts, the group has a vast repertoire of original arrangements across multiple genres, from traditional Celtic to contemporary world and original parodies. All songs use intricate three-part harmonies, with Asia and Olivia singing strong mezzo-soprano and contralto parts, respectively, and Marc providing a wide baritone range. In addition to mixed vocal harmonization, all three musicians also accompany themselves on upwards of fifteen different instruments. They play various folk and classical string, woodwind, and percussion instruments, which allows them to take familiar traditional songs and arrange them in unique ways. All members are actors with a strong background in comedy and improvisation, and they take pride in performing with all the energy and passion they can muster. Youthful, hardworking, and professional, these three performers are dedicated to sharing music and all its magic with audiences everywhere.



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