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The Chaste Treasure Edition

The lovely ladies of Chaste Treasure are here! Acquire these new cards to reinvigorate your collection with some talented and tantalizing royalty!


Buy All Five Ladies Today!

(note - only the cards, not the ladies themselves, are for sale....ahem...)

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Melissa Standard Card.png

Lady Morgan

Get the powerful and magnetic Lady Morgan!

Aileen Standard Card.png

Lady Rosaline

Get the charming and energetic Lady Rosaline!

Donna Catalina 

Get the exotic and fiery Donna Catalina!

Emily Standard Card new.png

Lady Katherine

Get the bubbly and luminous lady Katherine!

Shannon Standard Card.png

Lady Amanda

Get the vivacious and salty Lady Amanda!



Please Note - All cards have universal backs. The "Chaste Treasure" logo will only be present on the front of the Chaste Treasure Edition cards.